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Entering the New Era of Digital Collaboration in Healthcare
By Werq Team | March 2021

Considering how far modern medicine has come, it’s surprising that the way doctors communicate and manage patients has remained relatively unchanged.  There have been few shifts in industry standards, as most medical professionals share sensitive patient information and consult each other almost entirely through the phone (or even worse fax!).  The use of archaic technology places an enormous burden on the entire healthcare system, costing providers time and money while making proper care inaccessible for patients.  

Werq Inc was founded by an NYC doctor facing these problems first hand.  Communication and collaboration are the foundation of what Werq aims to improve.  Our tools help practices save time, increase revenue, and most importantly allow them to focus on care.  

Helping ditch the fax and phone, Werq will improve the way doctors communicate with their patients, staff, and each other
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Werq started organically to solve problems faced by a busy set of doctor’s offices.

New York Ophthalmology is a busy practice with 5 locations around New York City. Its founder felt that reaching other doctors, contacting patients, and sending information was highly inefficient. To improve this process Werq was built, starting from simple ideas to solve big problems and create valuable solutions.

New York Ophthalmology – Manhattan (3556 Broadway, New York, NY 10031)

New York Ophthalmology – South Bronx (329 E 149th St, 2nd Floor, Bronx, NY 10451)

New York Ophthalmology – Jackson Heights (74-09 37th Avenue, Suite 303, Jackson Heights, NY 11372)

New York Ophthalmology – Brooklyn (774 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11206)

New York Ophthalmology – Jamaica (147-32 Jamaica Avenue, Lower Level, Jamaica, NY 11435)

Why Werq?

1. Werq is changing the way Doctors, Patients, and Medical Professionals communicate.

Werq improves patient management and communication by taking advantage of both desktop and mobile apps. From individual reminders to mass texts about important updates like office closure, increasing accessibility not only saves time but also decreases the likelihood of missing the message. Previously a patient’s journey from needing care to seeing a doctor might include a lot of back and forth over many mediums. Now this can all be done through the Werq platform, both centralizing and optimizing the whole process.

With our patient app and growing network, Werq transforms the two way lane of communication and provides a multidirectional network. This helps practices reach more people in less time, all through Werq’s secure and HIPAA compliant platform.

A Patient's Journey

1. Promo Communication
Specialty practice sends out promo pamphlets to attract customers to new office, delivery unconfirmed.

2. Appointment Request
Patient calls practice to schedule appointment, phone lines are busy, sends an email instead.

3. Appointment Scheduling
Front desk calls back to schedule appointment, patient is busy and doesn’t answer, has to call again.

4. Patient Records

Appointment scheduled and the front desk contacts the patients primary care provider for patient records. PCP faxes records to practice, they are incomplete and more are requested.

5. Appointment Reminders

Practice calls, sends an email and/or a text to the patient to confirm appointment.

6. Reschedule
Patient calls front desk due to emergency, must reschedule.

7. Televisit

Patient requires televisit, receives invite and downloads a third-party video chat app for televisit.

All these steps can be done through Werq.

Werq helps you modernize your practice by centralizing communication and patient management; while also helping you both cut out wasted time and grow your practice.

2. You can stop referral leakage.

Werq is also improving the way doctors interact and communicate with each other. Improving the referral process is one of the most important aspects Werqs ability to save time and directly increase revenue.

Referral leakage for a health system can average anywhere from 55-65%. To add to that, 25 to 50% of referring physicians do not know whether their patients see the specialist. Referral leakage is a direct cause of revenue leakage, and can also lead to patients not receiving the proper care. By centralizing this process Werq decreases missed referrals and increases the amount of patients seen.

Send: Send your referrals on Werq’s reliable platform and ensure they get there. We can even send to doctors who aren’t on the Werq platform yet.

Receive and manage: Increase your patients seen and decrease your referral leakage by centralizing and simplifying the whole process.

Grow your practice: find new doctors and build out your network with the other providers on the Werq platform.

Send: Send your referrals on Werq’s reliable platform and ensure they get there. We can even send to doctors who aren’t on the Werq platform yet.

3. We make it easy to increase access.

Werq helps increase access to care with our Telemedicine platform. This accessibility can help doctors not only see more patients but do so safely and quickly. Technology made telemedicine easier to operate, safe, and cost effective.

Americans who said they would be comfortable speaking to a doctor or nurse practitioner over the internet, rather than in-person:

November 2019
April 2020

This means a doctor could speak with the majority of patients with just now click on Werq Telemed.

4. It’s a free global communication network for medical professionals

Werq Chat is a free product offered to help your daily inter-office and intra-office communication. It helps practices of any size, from a single doctor’s office to an entire hospital, centralized communication to one secure location.

Communicating with Werq Chat
5. Improve your reputation.

Part of modernizing your practice is improving your online reputation.

Our simple method of prompting for Google reviews after a visit has produced numbers that speak for themselves.

In the graph: the reviews we received in the past 8 quarters, compared to other NYC practices of the same category

New York Ophthalmology
Other Practice 1
Other Practice 2
The future of healthcare communication
is a successful story.

Here are the results we had since implementing Werq in our everyday life.

Referrals in one year
with Werq Referrals
Messages Exchanged
on Werq Chat
Appointment Reminder
SMS sent from Werq Space

While Werq has developed these tools to help medical practices over the last few years it doesn’t stop there.

Coming soon from Werq is the Werq Patients app. This app will be available to everyone and aims to give power and control over personal medical information and planning to the individual. Patients will be able to find doctors, fill out forms and store medical history, communicate with their doctors, and manage prescriptions.

Everyone is a patient and we believe in giving patients all the tools they need to feel comfortable and confident about their access to healthcare.

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