A revolution in practice management

By utilizing the ability to text your patients, Werq Space provides a more reliable lane of communication.
Delivering important messages and reminders from your front desk to your patients’ pocket, and so much more.

What is Werq Space?

Werq Space is a modern patient contact center that sits on top of your EMR. Connect your contacts and you’ll be able to send and receive text messages directly to your patients, allowing you to schedule and change appointments, send alerts, and cut out those missed phone calls that are wasting your time. Beyond that, Werq Space allows you to utilize many of Werq’s other features like hosting televisits, prompting reviews, and managing referrals.

Referral management can be complex and challenging to tackle due to how much manual work is required. Many companies or professionals don’t have the time or energy to stay organized with their referral management process, which can lead to a lot of mistakes and unsatisfied customers. Fortunately, referral management software is automated and does a lot of the heavy lifting for you, so you can free up some extra time in your schedule.

The patient referral management software is designed to offer a reliable form of communication with patients via text. Werq Space makes it possible to stay connected to your patients, which encourages them to stay loyal to your practice. Messages can be sent and received to ensure they’re reminded of their upcoming appointments. Patients can also receive alerts related to their care. The text messages allow you to conveniently schedule and change appointments at any time.

Additional features available with the medical referral management system enhance its versatility and value. You can have the option of prompting reviews, managing referrals, and hosting televisits. The higher level of accommodation available with a referral management system allows you to form a connection with your patients in between visits and earn their trust. It’s a great way of staying organized while growing your business.

Thanks to the automated referral management system, you can sustain the growth of your client base while also saving time. You don’t have to worry about your calls going to voicemail but can send text messages at any time, which is an easier way to reach most people.

Werq Space: Introducing your new patient contact center

Expand your audience with the Campaign tool
Send updates, news, and alerts to new and existing clients. Deliver messages that get seen to help sustain and grow your client base.

Appointments made simple
No need to catch patients on the phone at the perfect time. Send a text to be answered at the patients’ convenience and increase the likelihood that they respond.

Stand out with Reviews tool
Effortlessly prompt patients to leave you a review after a visit. Positive reviews improve your online reputation, bringing you more patients.

How does it work?

Sign In
No need for passwords, sign in with your phone number and receive a one time code via sms.

Upload your contact information from your patients and send a text right from your desktop.

Schedule appointments or utilize our telehealth hosting service, all from the same platform.

Follow up after a visit to prompt a review or send campaigns at any time to share news about your practice.


Send and Receive Referrals

Werq Space integrates Werq’s referral tool to centralize your incoming and outgoing patients with your contact center.
Get a referral and immediately set up your appointment through text.

Collect patient information with Forms

Forms allow you to use Werq Space to store important patient information. No need to fax back and forth or pull out the filing cabinet, keep everything together and centralize your patient management.

Schedule and track appointments

Texting allows for a two way communication lane, making it easy to schedule or change your appointments. Placing this functionality in Werq Space allows you to track these messages and keep up with any no shows or patients due for a new appointment.

Created by Doctors, for Doctors

We are a busy specialist practice with multiple offices in NYC. As we grew, we founded Werq to solve our own problems – and we are dedicated to helping other practices solve theirs.

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Supporting Doctors During the Pandemic

Werq Chat is helping physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers across the globe making connections and sharing knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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