Werq Chat allows doctors and other healthcare workers to message each other, regardless of EMR, of where you work, and of which country you are in.

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or login from desktop via chat.werq.com

Created by Doctors, for Doctors

We are a busy specialist practice with multiple offices in NYC. As we grew, we founded Werq to solve our own problems – namely, HIPAA-compliant patient texting. We are dedicated to helping other practices solve their problems with patient text solutions.

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Supporting Doctors During the Pandemic

Werq Chat is a platform for texting messaging with patients that helps physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers across the globe making connections and sharing knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Werq Chat for Mobile. All Your Work Messages, in One Place

Secure Messaging
100% HIPAA compliant, risk free.
Only you have access to your messages

Group Messaging
Add as many users as you want

Video Calling
Secure live video chats to help streamline collaboration

How it Works

Download Werq Chat from the App Store, get it on Google Play, or login via chat.werq.com

No need for passwords – sign in with your phone number and one-time code you’ll get via SMS

Find your team, invite other doctors or make new contacts through the Werq Network

You’re all set! Start sending messages and files in real time to other healthcare workers and texting patient information and results with HIPAA-compliant patient texting

Coming soon: Video calling between Healthcare Providers

Our newest in-app tool makes collaboration between healthcare professional easier. Jump on a video call to interact, discuss your patient cases and talk with your staff.
All without leaving Werq Chat.


Message your coworkers, or collaborate with other doctors’ offices

Wether you work in a hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office, it’s easy to reach the employees you work with, and the ones that work somewhere else.

Send and receive messages and files

With Werq Chat is easy to upload a photo, video, audio, PDF, Word or Excel file directly from your desktop or mobile.

Grow your network

Connect with other users who are on the Werq Network. No need to search for phone number anymore, your network is now just one click away.

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or login from desktop via chat.werq.com

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