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The medical profession changes on a daily basis, thanks to rapidly evolving technology, additional outlets for patients and doctors, and increased awareness of the world around us. Doctors and medical professionals need the tools to not only keep up with the changing times, but to do so with ease and control.

Werq Space provides these tools in the form of state-of-the-art practice management software, allowing doctors and medical professionals to seamlessly handle patient relationships, referrals, communication, reviews, telemedicine, and more so they can continue to grow their practices as well as manage them as efficiently as possible.

Now introducing Werq Space.
A revolution in practice management solutions.

Practice Management Solution for Doctors | Werq

Werq Space is a modern patient management system and contact center that sits on top of your EMR.

  • Receive and send text messages directly to your patients, 
  • Schedule and change appointments, send alerts, and cut out those missed calls that are wasting your time.
  • Host televisits, prompt reviews, and manage referrals.
  • Have state-of-the-art medical practice management resources at your fingertips, making your patient management system as effective as possible.


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Tools for practices

Practice Management Solution for Patient Communication | Werq

Werq Chat

Available for mobile and desktop

A secure messaging app for doctors, staff, and healthcare workers.

  • Message and send files in real time regardless of their current EMR, place of work, or country.
  • 100% HIPAA compliant and risk free.
  • Group Messaging: Add as many users as you want.
  • Video Calling: Secure live video chats to help streamline collaboration.

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Practice Management Solution for Referrals | Werq

Werq Referrals

Available in Werq Space

A healthcare collaboration network created by doctors for doctors.
Connect and collaborate between offices in or out of network to get work done in real time.

Simplify referrals and see more patients.

  • Allows doctors to send, receive and manage referrals.
  • Reduce no shows and increase traffic by taking advantage of our large and easy to use network of doctors.

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Practice Management Solution for Reviews | Werq

Werq Reviews

Available in Werq Space

Increase patient reviews and make your practice stand out in just a few clicks.
Improve your online reputation.

  • Write the perfect message for your audience with our customizable prompts.
  • Connect to your directory and make review prompts as easy as a few clicks.
  • Easily receive all your information about past SMS through our easy-to-read graphs.

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Practice Management Solution for Telemed | Werq

Werq Telemed

Available in Werq Space

Help more patients everyday.
Give your patients more access to care by providing telehealth services through our secure platform.

  • Increase access between doctors and patients.
  • A practice management system that is supported on both mobile and desktop devices, enabling Werq Telemed to be used anywhere in the world.

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A product for every need.

Doctors, staff, patients – Our growing range of products makes life easier for everyone involved.

Werq Space NEW
For practice management
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Werq Chat
For communication
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Werq Referrals
For referral management
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Werq Telemedicine
For virtual doctors visits
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Werq Reviews
For reviews from patients
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Our response to COVID-19

Werq is supporting doctors, patients, and other healthcare workers across the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Coming Soon

Werq Conference

Our virtual meeting technology.
Meet securely in large teams and access to important and informative virtual events featuring different keynote speakers.

Werq Patients

The single solution for every patient’s medical needs.
Information regarding your doctors, appointments, insurance and medical history all in one place.

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